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A 10 to 12 foot tall bipedal ape that allegedly lives deep in the mountains and deserts of Australia's interior.

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Mammal, Primate, Ape, True giant


Australian cryptid


Savannah-dwelling, Desert-dwelling, Mountain-dwelling, Rainforest-dwelling


Omnivore, Out-of-place, Featured in Native folklore, Prints casted

The Jimbra, also called the tjangara or turramulli is the tallest primate cryptid in Australia. Reaching 10 to 13 feet in height, they appear to resemble muscular, black or dark brown haired bipedal primates, usually with long limbs and a somewhat lanky appearance. Jimbras are usually aggressive to humans, and in Aboriginal legends, they even eat people. Jimbras seem to inhabit the outback regions of central Australia and a small pocket of them are occasionally reported in and around Kosciuzko National Park. They are usually seen near rivers. They're rarely seen due to its alleged range having a very small population.

Around 1960, Andy Hoad and Brett Taylor were prospecting in the Lake Ballard area, Western Australia, when they saw a group of huge, gorilla-like creatures emerge from a stand of scrub. One female was 7 feet tall and had long breasts and dark-brown hair, while a male stood 9 feet tall. Hoad and Taylor ran back to their hut, where they found a 10-foot “gorilla” in the process of tearing it down. They hid under a bush until the coast was clear, then jumped in their truck and drove away. Aboriginals in Kalgoolrie-Boulder told them the gorillas were called Jimbra.

In June 1970, mountaineers Ron Bartlett and Frank Sinclair were breaking camp northwest of Mount Kosciusko, New South Wales, when they noticed huge, humanlike tracks in the snow nearby. They detected a strange odour and felt they were being watched. As they moved through the scrub, they saw a dark, hairy, 9-10 foot figure staring at them. It moved away into the dense bush. In 1989, a 13-foot, Jimbra wielding a branch was seen along Cooper Creek between Maree and Birdsville, South Australia, by two carloads of four-wheel-drive enthusiasts.

In November of 2018, a trucker identified only as “Gary” claimed to have witnessed a 10 ft tall muscular ape-like creature lumber down a steep slope onto the remote gravel road he was driving on in southeastern Queensland. The creature stopped on the road, with the creature’s navel level with the truck’s hood. Gary claimed it was covered in 5 cm long hair and had a round, chimp-like face, which he illustrated. (see below)

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