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The Kayadi, sometimes called the Yawt is an unknown pongid reported to live in the montane rainforests around the Sepik River in northern Papua New Guinea. The first time the Kayadi became known to cryptozoologists was in 2002, when the cryptozoologist Todd Jurasek visited the remote village of Siawi. He came across stories of artrellias, giant snakes, giant wild dogs and big cats, but most interestingly, an unknown bipedal primate called the Kayadi. 

The Kayadi is described as being muscular, about 5.5 ft tall and having long arms. It is said to be aggressive, can climb trees very quickly and makes a “hu hu hu” call. One tribesman said that in 1981, a kayadi had been startled by his uncle while digging for eggs in a cave near his village, and another claimed that a local girl had actually been kidnapped by one a decade or so ago. Although the idea of a non-human primate kidnapping someone sounds far fetched, cases of chimps and baboons kidnapping children have occurred. Due to the Sepik river having many hostile, uncontacted tribes around it, the kayadi will likely remain hidden.

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