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The Row, also called the Ruhruh, is an enormous reptilian animal reported in the star mountains on the Papua New Guinea/West Papua border. The first and only sighting by a European was in the 1930s by explorer Charles Miller and his wife, Leona Jay in Dutch New Guinea, now West Papua.

Miller managed to briefly visit the Kirrirri tribe and found that a woman was husking a coconut with an odd horn with ridges and grooves on it. Miller asked the woman via gestures what it came from and she drew an animal with a small, horned head, long neck, and large body, and a long tail, while pointed to it and saying "row." He was later told by his Kirrirri interpreter that a row lived outside the camp a couple of kilometres away, so Miller and Leona went to investigate. 

After a several days hike, they came across a plateau and stood there watching as a group of reeds started moving on the edge of the clearing. They watched as a 20 to 30 foot long animal with a very long, thin neck with a small, horned head came out of the reeds. It had a scaly, elephantine body with large plates on its back, and had a tail that was almost three times as long as its body. Miller claimed to have filmed the creature, although it is now lost. 

Miller theorized it was a surviving dinosaur, although no known dinosaur remotely matches his description. Unfortunately, this story is almost certainly fictitious as cryptozoologists have pointed out that there’s no tribe called the Kirrirri. 

An illustration of the row by TIm Morris
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