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Baiquan Lake monster

The Baiquan Lake Monster is a lake monster inhabiting the lake of the same name in Jillonggou region of Tibet. Baiquan lake, situated on the Nepalese border, is only 64 square kilometres in size, but it connects to rivers, so the Baiquan Lake Monster's range may be longer. Due to the lake being so remote, over 300 km from any major Chinese city, sightings only started surfacing in the late 20th century.

in the spring of 1980 when a group of soldiers on horseback crossed the lake. The horses suddenly stopped and were afraid of something the soldiers couldn’t detect. They resorted to using whips to move the horses and they ran away. Upon getting closer to the lake, the soldiers heard a very loud splash and unusual noises.

In the early 1990s, various soldiers and Zheng, the commander of a local military station saw an unnerving head come out of the water of Baiquan Lake. It was described as having a hairless ox-like head with a single horn on its snout. They observed the animal for a couple of minutes until it dove into the water and they didn’t see it again.

A view of the lake
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