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Paul Vermeersch-Science of Wishful Think

Unexplained Phenomena and Forteana

When I was nine years old, I got a copy of a book called "The Unexplained," by Karl Shuker. Reading that book was the beginning of a new special interest for me and has led me to create several research projects--some of which I will share here!

An Interactive Map of Forteana
and Unexplained Phenomena

This map is an ongoing project--I love adding newly discovered unexplained phenomena. There are more than 1000 distinct pins, each with descriptions and images. I do my research using magazines, websites, and old newspaper clippings. I hope you enjoy exploring! 
If you have heard or read about something unexplained that I haven't included here, please let me know by clicking the contact button below. Also, if you notice any mistakes, let me know.

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