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Canadian Ibex

The Canadian Ibex, a very obscure cryptid, is occasionally reported in the western Yukon and the rocky mountains as well as the boroughs of Yakutat and Northwest in Alaska. The Ibex, an animal native to North Africa, Asia, and Europe has also been reported in the Americas, including Canada.

An example of a sighting was in 1897 in Dawson, Yukon, when engineer J. Folstad found a butcher shop. In the shop he found multiple carcasses of an animal he couldn’t recognize. The owners of the store claimed that multiple people have studied the carcasses, but couldn’t identify them. Later, an English doctor in the town, hearing of the strange animals, examined them, and claimed the creatures were "undoubtedly ibex." Other sightings have occurred, from the 1800s to 1952. Though there haven't been any recorded sightings in decades, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Canadian Ibex is extinct though, since the Canadian Ibex’s habitat is so remote, it would be unlikely that the very small population of people in the area would come out to the rest of the world. People have also found illustrations of what appear to be ibex carved in walrus tusks from about 200 BCE.

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