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The chuti is an obscure cryptid inhabiting the alpine shrubland and meadows in the Choyang and Iswa valleys of Makalu Barun national park in northeastern Nepal. The Chuti is described as covered in shaggy fur, as well as having a dog-like head, and black tiger-like stripes. They have four forward claws and one rear claw. Chutis generally avoid humans, but occasionally attack livestock.

Chutis are occasionally featured in traditional Nepali art but the first written account was by mountaineer Hamish Macinnes, in his book, Look Behind The Ranges. Macinnes claims his guides told him that he could see chutis in the Choyang and Iswa Valleys.

Russian scientist Vladimir Tschernesky speculated the chuti may be an unknown population of striped hyenas, which do look very similar. The only problem with this theory is that striped hyenas have no rear claws, nor are they thought to inhabit northeast Nepal.

A striped hyena
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