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Crocodile Snake

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Crocodile Snake



Nepalese cryptid


Rainforest-dwelling, Mountain-dwelling


Carnivore, Ultra-mysterious-beast

The bizarre and far-fetched crocodile snake is a cryptid inhabiting the jungles of Nepal. The crocodile snake was first seen by an outsider in 1980. Reverend Resham Poudal, an Indian missionary, spotted what they assumed was an enormous moss-covered log about 100 yards away from them—until it moved.

When they got closer, they realized it was an enormous, limbless reptile, with green scaly skin that provided camouflage. Poudal guessed it was about 42 feet, and 6.5 feet thick. Unlike a snake, this animal had a long, crocodilian head.

In Nepalese folklore, what Poudal witnessed was a crocodile snake, which the locals believed to be a form of a dragon. They are rarely encountered. They hunt by camouflaging themselves and sitting still with their mouth open until a nearby animal comes within striking distance. Its most common prey are yaks, water buffalos and rhinos. If this animal is real, their ecological niche must be similar to constrictor snakes, because presumably, they must have a very slow metabolism based on their hunting method.

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