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Solomon Island giants

Reports of enormous bipedal apes occasionally come out of the Solomon Islands.

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Solomon Island giants

Mammal, Primate, Ape, True giant


Solomon Islands, Melanesian cryptid


Rainforest-dwelling, Mountain-dwelling


Omnivore, Out-of-place, Featured in Native folklore

In the Solomon Islands, a rainforest-covered island nation east of Papua New Guinea, sightings of gigantic bipedal apes are reported. Known locally by many names such as "chowa-chowa" and "moomoo." Solomon Islanders believe them to be 10 to 12 ft tall with muscular but thin bodies, long arms and covered head-to-toe in dark red hair. They have large brow ridges, red eyes, hooded noses and a large, wide mouth. They're said to live in crude banana leaf huts. One of the first people to ever research the Solomon Island Giants was Marius Boirayon, the research director of the Solomon Anthropological Expedition Trust Board.

One of the most intriguing sightings was on Guadalcanal Island in 1988. Some construction workers were using a bulldozer and it broke down. They quickly realized that the pin that held one of the blades broke and fell off the machine. Since it was too heavy to move, the construction workers left the blade on the ground overnight. When they went back to the site, the blade was gone, with tracks in the sand showing something with giant human-like footprints dragged it about 400 feet into the rainforest.

Another story was when a surveyor's car slid off the road. The surveyor then went to a gas station two kilometres away, and when they came back, the car was back on the road with two red-haired animals next to it. When they got closer the red-haired creatures stood up, and they saw that it was two 12-foot-tall hairy giants, that then casually lumbered into the rainforest and wasn’t spotted again.

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