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Dwarf Seal

The dwarf seal is a cryptid species of freshwater seal native to Nunavut and northern Manitoba. The first mention of dwarf seals were from 1932, in a book about anthropology of the Copper Inuit of Victoria Island. The book said the Inuit believed in unusually small seals, small enough the fit in a game bag in Willisdedt Lake.

In the Itsanitaq Museum in Churchill, Manitoba, they have, or used to have, a stuffed “dwarf seal." It's no longer available to be seen by the general public, and its unknown if it's missing, or it's in storage. Similar reports of unusually small seals have occurred near Svalbard, an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole. Although other freshwater seals have been reported in Canada, the Willisdedt Lake seals are the only ones of such a small size, making them unique.

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