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Giant Lamprey

Lampreys are an order of jawless fish that have existed since the early Silurian, more then 430 million years ago. Known for being vampiric parasites, they latch onto larger fish and suck their blood with their bizarre toothy mouths. The largest of the three species of lamprey in the Prairie Provinces is the silver lamprey, which averages only about a foot in length. Although silver lampreys are small in size, some have reported the presence of a much larger, unknown species of lamprey inhabiting the many lakes of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Canadian cryptozoologist John Warms interviewed various Cree elders from Nelson House, Manitoba, and one of them, who used to be a trapper claimed that he’s seen lamprey several feet longer then ordinary estimates. John Warms later interviewed a couple from Pukatawagan in Manitoba, who said that they saw a lamprey swim by their canoe, and was longer then their boat. Gordon Stagg Jr. claimed that his grandfather saw brown coloured lampreys, 10 cm thick and four or five ft long. Giant lampreys more then a metre long have also been reported further south, allegedly being caught in nets occasionally in Lake Winnipeg.

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