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Giant lion's mane

Various sightings of massive jellyfish have occurred, many in the Pacific Ocean, including Australia. The largest species of jellyfish off the coast of Australia is the Lion’s mane (see below), which can be 160 feet long and have an 8 foot wide bell. Although sightings of these massive jellyfish can have 50 ft bells. In 1953, the divers Richard Winner and Pat Boatwright observed a 50 ft long brown coloured jellyfish engulf a shark, and presumably ate it. Another sighting was in 1973 where a ship known as the Kuranda collided with a massive jellyfish. Although it was removed using a hose it had stung one of the sailors who died from his wounds. They estimated it to be about 40/60 ft wide, and they never observed the end of its tendrils. Some theorize it may be Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, due to scientists not knowing the actual size Lion’s Manes can get. Some theorize it’s due to jellyfish growing from global warming, and some think it’s simply a new, undescribed species.

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