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Giant Raven

The Giant Raven is an unknown species of flightless bird that allegedly inhabits the Muskwa Mountains, the northernmost range of the Rockies and the Hart Range, directly south in the Montane Cordillera ecozone. Reports of giant ravens have also been reported in the Nahanni Valley. Giant Ravens have a body shape similar to wild turkeys, but have black feathers and a raven-like beak. Their legs, beak, and tailfeathers are a dark crimson red. They are usually described as being slightly larger than a golden eagle.

Due to there being only three settlements in their range, sightings are rare in modern times, and were much more common during the gold rush when prospectors frequented the area. Giant Ravens are thought to be omnivorous and mainly eat small mammals, nuts and roots. Giant Ravens are also thought to be opportunistic animals, with many accounts of them destroying campsites.

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