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Hessa Fjord


Hessie is the name of an individual sea serpent that was seen in the Hessa Fjord near Ålesund, Norway. On June 1st, 1999, Arnt Helge Molvaer was going for a walk by the sea when he saw an enormous 90-foot long, 5-foot wide creature. About a third of the way from the head of the animal was a single tall, square-shaped dorsal fin. The animal had a snake-like head, which was just as thick as its neck. It had dark brown skin, with a slightly lighter colour on its sides and he never saw its belly.

Moldvaer watched the animal for about 10 minutes through his binoculars before deciding to race back home to get his camera. About 45 minutes later, Molvaer and his son Per Tore, got back to the spot and luckily, the animal was still there. They filmed the creature from about 600 ft away, swimming towards a whale carcass, causing a large wake in its path. The animal was swimming on the surface but kept its head submerged. The creature then started quickly dragging the carcass around and began to eat the animal.

Molvaer’s sighting is not the only sea serpent report from Norway but is probably one of the more detailed witnesses. Hessie’s exact taxonomy is difficult to identify, as it moved its tail horizontally when swimming like a fish or reptile, but it was also seen moving vertically when eating the whale, which is unique to mammals.

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