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Kokoda giant spider

The Kokoda Giant Spider was a cryptid encountered only once in 1942 on the Kokoda Track in the Sohe District in Oro. According to Australian cryptozoologist Debbie Hynes, one of her friend’s father encountered an enormous spider on the Kokoda track during WWII. 

Her friend’s father walked into the interior when he noticed he was crouched down next to a very large web, not like the ordinary fishing net type, but a white cotton-like web. He followed the webs, realizing it went 10-15 feet in both directions. Then he noticed the spider that presumably made the web, only a foot away from his face. He described the spider as being as large as a puppy and jet black in colour. It had thick, hairy legs, but not as long as a tarantula’s, in fact, it actually had quite short stubby legs. He slowly and carefully backed away and he never saw it again.

A specimen of the Selenocosmiinae family, which live in New Guinea
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