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Lake Wenbu Monster

Lake Wenbu, also called Dangqiong Co, is a 58 square kilometre brackish lake, known for its strikingly bluish-green water and high altitude, at nearly 14,700 feet above sea level. Lake Wenbu is also known for a Nessie-like creature allegedly inhabiting it.

The earliest known mention of this cryptid was a story of a local man who allegedly was killed by one of the creatures in the lake sometime in the 1940s. Supposedly, people saw the massive, long-necked animal surface in front of the man's rowboat. The creature then attacked the hull and dragged both the boat, and the occupant into the water.

In the early '70s, Jiao Jiao, a local general secretary, spotted a creature thrashing around the surface of the lake. It had a large, ox-shaped body, greyish-black skin, a long, thin neck, and a small head with large eyes. He watched the "room-sized" animal for several minutes until it dove under and lost sight of it.

A couple of years after Jiao Jiao's sighting, a local veterinarian was walking around the lake with an ill ox he was going to rehabilitate. While engaged in something else temporarily, he tied the ox to a tree on the shore. When he came back, the ox was missing, with the rope snapped. He noticed drag marks and hair on the ground, and it appeared something from the lake had seized the cow and dragged it into the water.

In August of 1976, scientists travelled to the Lake Wenbu area and were told by locals that a massive, black, aquatic animal lived in the lake. They were said to be most often seen during foggy weather.

Lake Wenbu
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