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List of miscellaneous cryptids

18th-century French bird illustrator Jacques Barraband, known for the meticulous accuracy in his drawings, drew a handful of still undescribed species, one being what appears to be a 12-wired bird of paradise without the distinct yellow breast, instead, being black.

There are various, other unknown birds-of-paradise, not included due to a lack of information, illustrations, or both. These include the false-lobed astrapia, Mantou’s riflebird, Maria’s bird of paradise, the mysterious bird of Bobairo, Ruy’s bird of paradise, and Wilhelmina's bird-of-paradise.

In 2002, cryptozoologist Todd Jurasek visited the remote village of Siawi, and was told of various never before heard of cryptids, like the kayadi, but also include reports of giant snakes and wild dogs.

There are a handful of traditional Papuan masks and figurines predating European influence or even contact in some cases, that bear a striking resemblance to Celebes black-crested macaques, thought to only inhabit Sulawesi. Example here.

Unknown freshwater rays have been reported in the Fly River of western Papua New Guinea and eastern West Papua.

A handful of reports of giant long-necked bipedal reptiles resembling dinosaurs have been reported on New Britain, but are almost certainly fictitious, as practically every source is from young-earth creationist missionaries or pseudo-cryptozoologists. The only non-creationist description is a "3 metre tall, grey-coloured creature with a head like a dog and a tail like a crocodile” seen in a swamp southwest from the town of Rabaul on the northeastern New British coast.

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