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The malagnira is an unidentified lemur inhabiting the vast uncharted stone forests of Tsingy de Bemahara nature reserve in western Madagascar. According to the Sakalava du Menabe tribe who inhabits the area, there is an extremely small species of lemur, similar to the Microcebus or mouse lemurs, the smallest known group, often weighing only 40 to 60 grams. Unlike mouse lemurs, however, they are said to be even smaller, and behave differently, although it hasn’t been specified how exactly. 

This cryptid is very obscure, only being mentioned briefly in Nasolo Rakotoarison, Thomas Mutschler and Urs Thalmann’s 1993 paper, "Lemurs in Bemahara." As recently as 2020, a new species of mouse lemur, Mirza Zaza, was discovered and heavily matched the description of the malagnira, but they do not inhabit the Bemahara Nature Reserve.

The recently discovered northern giant mouse lemur (Mirza zaza)
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