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Dinanthropoides nivalis (Huevelmans, 1958)

The meh teh, commonly lumped together with the gin sung—a separate cryptid—is an unknown pongid inhabiting the montane rainforests and shrubby badlands of Nepal and southern Tibet. Meh teh are described as having long arms with short legs, a long barrel-shaped body with a potbelly and a head without a neck set on top of large shoulders. They have hooded noses, large brow ridges, and a wide, lipless mouth. They live in the remote rhododendron forests in altitudes of 15,000 to 18,000 feet and rarely encounter humans. They walk on two legs, but move on four legs when running or trudging through snow.

Although sightings of meh teh are common, the most famous one was in mid-December of 1950. Mountain climbing guide Shen Tensing was returning home to Phortse with friends down a difficult trail when they saw a meh teh approaching them. Sen Tensing and his friends ran behind a boulder to hide, and peeked around watching the meh teh. It walked down a hill onto the trail then stopped and sniffed the air. It stood upright but suddenly ran away on four legs—inhumanly fast. They saw it quite clearly in the moonlight. It was 5.5 feet tall, with a pointed head and a hairless face. It was otherwise covered in dark red hair. Only 11 months later in the same area, Eric Shipton took photos of strange tracks of what seemed to be some kind of ape print with two divergent big toes (below).

In the summer of 1954, a soldier claimed to have been pinned to the ground and caressed by a female meh teh off the Yarlung Tsangpo River. This was so frightening for him, that he fainted, and when he woke up, the creature was gone. He claimed it was covered in hair, with wide, ape-like lips and visible breasts.

In October of 1958, an elderly herdsman named Zhaxitongzhu claimed to have heard bizarre screaming noises coming from the mountains while he was collecting firewood. He then noticed the animal making the noise. He described it as a tall humanoid figure walking on two legs in a hunched over position that was covered in long, brown hair.

On September 24th, 1980, a 15-year-old Monpa girl named Yonghong was walking with her friend in the mountains outside the town of Mêdog, when they noticed a strange creature. It was an upright-walking ape-like animal, covered with long hair. The creature slowly approached Yonghong, and then suddenly turned around and casually walked away.

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