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Newfoundland Wolf

Canis lupus beothucus

The Newfoundland Wolf was a subspecies of wolf that only inhabited Newfoundland. Unlike normal wolves, they were larger, had a thinner snout and had a lighter coat and were adapted to hunt caribou. According to mainstream science they went extinct in the 30’s, despite sightings still occurring. An anonymous user who only goes by “Smith”, claimed that his grandfather saw a wolf near Bonavista around 1970 when he was ice fishing. He claimed to have seen a wolf suddenly come out of the treeline onto the other side of the pond. It had a light grey coat, bushy tail, long fur, big head and huge paws. It was “as big as the biggest dog.”

For whatever reason, a large spike of sightings occurred in the 2010s. In April of 2012, a video was posted on youtube called “Newfoundland wolf tracks” by the user hunt4fish. In the video you can see tracks in the snow, which he measures, and is too big to be a coyote. In May 2012, hunter Joe Fleming saw a wolf and killed it with his rifle. It was 82 pounds and resembled the “extinct” Newfoundland wolf. Fleming sent it for DNA analyses and it was indeed a wolf, not a coyote or a dog. In July of 2012, the user “terranovadave” filmed what appeared to be a Newfoundland wolf on a trail camera in Bonavista, 2 months before the other wolf was shot by Fleming and only 10 kilometres away. In June of 2017, wildlife researcher Forest Gallante filmed what appears to be a wolf sprinting away from him, followed by another on the great western peninsula on his thermal imager. On January 25, 2019, Kurt Payne and his wife Andrea Payne, from Sandy Point, Newfoundland claimed they saw multiple wolves on their doorstep at about 4:30 AM. They were not able to get clear images of the animals on their cameras due to the poor lighting.  Kurt Payne also has spent time at a wolf sanctuary and was adamant what they saw were wolves.

The wolf Joe Fleming killed

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