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Ol' Slavey

Ol’ Slavey, named after the Slavey tribe, is a lake monster inhabiting Great Slave Lake, the 11th largest lake in Canada, and the deepest in North America, at 2,014 ft deep. Ol’ Slavey’s description is vague, but is sometimes described as crocodilian in appearance with a long neck.

In 1993, a man fell into Great Slave Lake and drowned. A diving team sent to retrieve their body, spotted a large animal with a crocodilian body and a pike-like head swim past. In 2004, Jim Lynn claimed to have seen a large creature with a dragon-like head with a long six to eight ft neck rise out of the water. He watched the animal until it swam behind an island and couldn’t see it anymore. He quickly called The Yellowknifer, a local newspaper, to place an advertisement asking the reporters to call him. To his surprise his phone began to ring with calls from multiple different people claiming to have seen the same animal.

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