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Parker's snake

In the 1970s, herpetologist Fred Parker and patrol guard Kiap was travelling around New Guinea collecting snake specimens for museums when he came across reports of an unidentified snake species. The unnamed snake species lived near Ouwe Creek in the western province. He later wrote about his findings in a book called Snakes of the Western Province. According to Parker, locals told him that three girls were bathing in Ouwe cr

eek when a strange-looking snake snuck up on them and bit all three of them, which made them run to the bank yelling and crying, but before they could reach the bank, they all died from the snakes quick-acting venom. The villagers started a hunt to kill the snake, but were unsuccessful. The snake was six feet long, with shiny smooth scales, a dark uniform colour, and seemed to have adapted to live in the water. Some have theorized it may have been a sea snake, but they are smaller and don’t have a uniform colour.

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