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Rothschild's lobe-billed bird of paradise

Loboramphus nobilis

Rothschild’s lobe-billed bird of paradise or Loborhamphus nobilis is an unknown species of bird in the Paradisaeidae family. They are known only from two specimens collected in Dutch New Guinea (now West Papua) in 1901. 

L. nobilis has black plumage and a unique shiny purple mane, with green around its eyes and belly. Like other unconfirmed birds of paradise, L. nobilis is dismissed as a hybrid, in this case, between a superb bird of paradise and a long-tailed paradigalla. Various ornithologists, as well as British cryptozoologist Karl Shuker, have refuted this claim, noting that L. nobilis has so many unique and complex features, almost resembling a chimera of unrelated sorts of birds, that a simple hybrid between two species is unlikely. 

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