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The Shushwaggi is a lake monster inhabiting Shushwap Lake, a 310 km², 528 ft deep fjord lake between Kamloops and Revelstoke in British Columbia. It's described as being a 50 ft blackish-grey elongate whale-like creature. Sightings date back to pre-Columbian indigenous folklore, but it was only much later when accounts were written. 

The first written sighting by a was in 1948 when a man fishing on the lake saw a shushwaggi swim under his boat, hitting the bottom and nearly capsizing it. Only two weeks later, a farmer known only as Mr. Sinclair who owned a ranch next to Shushwap Lake, claimed to have spotted some kind of large animal in the water right next to the shore while letting out his livestock. He initially believed it was one of his cows that escaped, until it started rapidly swimming farther into the lake and suddenly dove under.

 In 1970, a family having a birthday party on the shore of Shushwap lake claimed to have seen a long greyish object moving just below the surface. In 1984, a woman named Linda Griffiths and her children watched a shushwaggi swim across the lake on her binoculars. On march 23rd 2019, fisherman Les Loren was with his friend when they filmed what appeared to be some kind of very large animal thrashing in the calm water. Just a couple months later on may 14th 2019, a woman named Dawn Dupont filmed three or four black humps rise out of the water and undulate on the surface.

View of Shushwap Lake
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