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Slimy Casper

Slimy Casper or Nithy is the name given to a cryptid seen in the late 1950s around the Nith River, a 130 kilometre long river with 13 various tributaries between London and Guelph, Ontario. Sightings of Slimy Casper dates back to the 1930’s, although sightings only started coming forward after an article was written about an increase of sightings on July 10th, 1953. Its size was described as being about 4 ft in length with dark green bumpy skin. Chief Constable George Thomas, who was investigating the reports, claims to have seen Slimy Casper (a Slimy Casper?) dragging itself off a busy road to the direction of the river. Thomas then decided to shoot the animal but missed, which caused the animal to start running towards the river before dropping into the water. Alleged tracks of Slimy Casper was sent to zoologists from the University of Western Ontario in nearby London, who explained they knew of no animal, let alone one in Ontario, that made tracks resembling the ones shown. Unfortunately, the news at the time  did not take Slimy Casper very seriously and often made fun of, and ridiculed the witnesses, making other reports coming forward more unlikely. Theories as to the origin of Slimy Casper includes a gigantic hellbender specimen, an escaped alligator or an entirely unknown species. It may be related, if not identical to another cryptid, known as the "Canadian alligator."

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