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The tompondrano, meaning "lord of the sea" in Malagasy is a sea serpent allegedly inhabiting the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and Mozambique. Some accounts describe the tompondrano as being able to inhabit freshwater as well as saltwater.

The only recorded sighting outside of regional folklore was on January 21st, 1926. Georges Petit was in a canoe with local fishermen south of Toliara when he saw a tompondrano. It was 60 to 70 ft long, with red, white and green stripes across its large serrated bony plates covering its body. It had a snake-like head with a movable hood protecting its eyes. It had a shrimp-like tail which it used to swim in vertical undulations. One of the strangest details in its appearance is that it was bioluminescent, especially on its head. It was glowing blue on several points on its body and noted seeing the large plates on its back. The locals refused to look directly at it, fearing it would curse them. 

Philippe Coudray's illustration of a tompondrano
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